We are passionate about developing long lasting relationships with our clients.  That's why many of our clients that came aboard when we started in 1984 are still with us today.  Inquiries are handled immediately by specialists that are intimately familiar with your account.  Your questions are answered now and not hours or days later.  Payrite - Simple and reliable!

Payroll Processing

Cost savings through innovation, time savings through efficiency and workload reduction through automation.  Full service payroll, internet payroll, pay file payroll, time clock payroll or mobile payroll ... the choice is yours.

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Tax Filing

Let us take the sting out of tracking and processing per payroll tax liability payments, monthly tax payments and tax returns, quarterly tax payments and tax returns, annual tax returns with W-2s & 1099s.

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Time /Attendance


Using our web based time keeping, you can submit your payroll simply by approving your time cards.  We'll retrieve your hours for the pay period directly from the time clock and create your payroll without further input from you.


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Workers' Comp

Pay as you go workers' compensation insurance - a better solution.  No more up front estimated or financed premium payments.  Contact us for a free, no obligation quote that you can use to compare to your current policy.


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Background Cks

Affordable background screening & drug testing by NCS. No contracts, setup fees or monthly minumums. Multi-State & single state database searches available.  Improve new hire quality and workplace safety.

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HR Library

Manage HR and benefits like a pro!  With HR library, you’ll get the guidance you need to manage your employees; understand and implement HR best practices; and comply with the law.  This is your complete human resource library.

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